Physique and Fit

Pull-ups are one of the most effective compound movement exercises for your upper body!

Showcasing the difference physique has on fit! In my #beforeandafter images below, I put on 20 lbs doing pull-ups, push-ups, step-ups and glute bridges. Most of the change came from 18 workouts, only a month and a half of #bodytransformation in March and April, followed by maintenance workouts at least once a week. I’ve grown out of some of my clothes, but I fit many clothing items much better! Big thanks to @calimove for the amazing resources on their YouTube channel!

Wide lats create a flattering V-taper and make your waist proportionally smaller for both men and women

No tailoring has been done, my lats are simply wider, and my arms, shoulders and legs are larger. My trapezius muscles are a little behind, but I’m quite happy with the progress! The most interesting change to me is how sleeves sometimes fit shorter now, despite my arms being the same length.

4 examples of my 6 week fitness progress before-and-after and how it changed the fit

*Affiliate links are used when possible, meaning I may get a commission of sales that supports the blog when you purchase shoes through links on this page.

Shoes from left to right: Lems Chukka, *VIVOBAREFOOT Geo Court, *Xero Shoes Pacifica (currently discontinued).

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